Review My Book is a unique concept to help authors get what they need to do well in the marketplace. We are not like other book review companies who have gotten in the habit of selling book reviews. We believe that authors should never have to pay for reviews because it lacks integrity. Instead, we are a community that connects writers and publishers with their actual audience.


Real, honest reviews by real, honest people. It’s a simple principle that we are based upon. We have a pool of reviewers that consist of over 20,000 people. These people read in fiction and nonfiction, romance and crime, and every other genre. Each reviewer must tell us what they enjoy reading. This makes it easier for us to provide the best reading material to each reviewer. When the reviewer enjoys the material, it will be easier to provide a better review for the writer.


There are more writers than ever before because of the independent publishing phenomenon. Every new writer struggles with trying to gain an audience. At Review My Book, we wish to make this easier for writers. Reviews are everything because it’s what gets them started in all of the different marketplaces.


We offer a simple process to ensure that every writer can quickly get what they need. We offer a wide range of packages and campaigns so that a writer can get as many reviews as needed to boost their newest title in the marketplace.


Review My Book has made the conscious effort not to be like Foreword Reviews, Kirkus Indie and many of the other book reviewers. We want real book critics who enjoy reading within a particular genre. Too many of these other companies are getting into questionable practices where reviews are being purchased. At the end of the day, this isn’t fair to the writer or the general public who is buying a book based upon a purchased review.


When a reader reads reviews that are positive, it makes it easier to purchase the book. While we don’t guarantee positive reviews, we do guarantee honest ones. Since the books are being read by peers, it is indicative of a writer’s actual audience. If our readers don’t like a book, an author is likely going to face the same problem in the marketplace, too.


Any reader who provides a negative review will be told not to post if it’s below a 4. This ensures that a writer can make the decision to go forward with posting the review or not. We do this to help a writer put their best foot forward in the marketplace. We suggest that writers who receive too many negative reviews make some changes within their work before continuing forward to sell their book.


Over and over again, we have watched new writers struggle in the marketplace. Too many people think they have what it takes to write. Not everyone does. We offer a review service that is different from the other book review companies because of the honest, peer-provided reviews. Writers may not get the positive reviews they want to sell their books but they will get the honest feedback they need to improve their writing.


We have worked hard to create a superior product for writers. We have learned the importance of a good book review and want to share that knowledge with other writers. With better reviews come more possibilities. Our community is steadily growing and we invite readers and writers alike to join in order to improve the quality of books that are out in the marketplace.