Review My Book - Hot To Get My Book ReviewedHiring an honest book review service to help you launch your book is the best way to go. When it’s time to get your book reviewed, you have to look at who is capable of helping you meet all of your goals in the long run. You can choose a paid review site that will give you a review of exactly what you want to hear or you can get an honest review that will help you become a more successful writer.

The Benefits of an Honest Book Review Service

An honest book review service has a variety of benefits. You will not only be able to get a review on your book but you will be able to get an honest one. At Review My Book, all reviewers are real people. They aren’t paid to tell you what you want to hear. They are unpaid to tell you what you need to hear – and what others need to hear in order to determine whether your book is worth buying or not.

A bad review shouldn’t be viewed as a negative thing. You can use a negative review as a learning experience. Take the time to pick the review apart and find out what is being said that can help you mold your book into a better reading experience. The reviewer may not like the book because of a character or because of structure. The reviewer may have given a low rating because of some typos within the book. All of these can be fixed.

Review My Book doesn’t automatically post all reviews. If a book receives a review that’s less than a 4, the author is contacted to make a decision. If you get a review that isn’t a 4, this is your chance to make some changes to the book. You may want to go back to the drawing board. It may be necessary for you to change some scenes, add some scenes or even send your book to a professional editor for some additional help.

By getting an honest book review, you can ensure that you are putting the best version of your book out there to your target audience. If you need to make changes to your book to sell more, it will be better to learn about these things because it will help you to sell more books. If you pay for your book reviews, you’re not learning anything. Then when you get a real review, it can be devastating – and kill any chances of selling additional books.

The other benefit of an honest book review site is that you never have to worry about being blacklisted from any sites. Technologies are becoming more impressive, which is hurting the writers with shady business practices. Buying reviews is a no-no in the industry even though there are writers who have become successful as a result. A time will come that purchased reviews will be eliminated from the sites, which will leave many writers without reviews – and broke as a result. When you go through Review My Book, you never have to worry about such a thing because you took the honest route to get the reviews of your book.

Launching a Writing Career Through the Use of Book Critics

Your writing career is ready to take off. Once you have the best possible version of your book in your hands, you need book critics to help you. When you use the right critics for publishing book reviews, you give your readers what they want – a reason to buy your book instead of a book from the million other authors that are out there.

What you need to realize is that most avid readers spend good money on books every year. It’s not uncommon for someone who enjoys reading to read a new title every week. This means they will be buying at least 52 books a year. Unless you intend on writing and never sleeping, they’re going to purchase books by other writers – not just you. This means you don’t have to compete with other writers.

You can use the reviews from book critics to your advantage. Let them drum up all the business for you. You don’t need to launch campaigns against other writers. If you do so, they could end up doing the same to you. Review My Book offers all the campaigns you need. This way you not only get book reviews but fuel for your Facebook and Twitter accounts and even your blog. In the world of social media, your book can spread byword of mouthfaster, making it easier to sell more books in a shorter period of time.