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Book Reviewers Needed To Read Up And Coming Authors

Book reviewers have an important role in the world of books. It’s not just authors who make a difference. Sometimes, reviewers have just as much power – if not a little more. Authors have the ability to tell a story […]

Where Publishing Book Reviews Should Take Place

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After you get a book published, it’s inevitable that some book reviews will come in. If you use Review My Book, you will also be given several book reviews that aren’t being published anywhere – which allows you to use […]

How To Get Book Reviews For Your Book In 3 Steps

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How to get book reviews for your book is the most important aspect of marketing. Without the reviews, you cannot sell books. The reason is simply because the average consumer wants to hear about the quality of the writing and […]

Independent Book Reviews Are The Best You Can Get

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There are a lot of ways to get book reviews – and a lot of companies who will provide them to you. When you want the best reviews possible, however, the answer is found within independent book reviews. These cost […]

Review My Book – What It Takes To Become A Successful Author

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“Review my book” becomes the mantra of nearly every up and coming author when they are trying to get press for their hard work. Getting a review from a top book review professional can be a difficult task for any […]

5 Reasons Why Professional Book Reviews Aren’t Worth The Money

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You have to determine what is worth your money and what isn’t. Once you have a completed manuscript, you’re going to spend money in a lot of different areas to help get your book into the hands of your readers. […]

How To Get A Book Review From People Who Actually Want To Read Your Book

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 How to get a book review is easy. How to get a book review from people who want to read your book is a little harder. When you’re not a famous author like Stephen King or Debbie Macomber, it can […]

An Honest Book Review Service is the Way to Go

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Hiring an honest book review service to help you launch your book is the best way to go. When it’s time to get your book reviewed, you have to look at who is capable of helping you meet all of […]

The Dangers of Using Fake Book Reviews

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How to get a book review is easy. There are plenty of book review services out there. All you have to do is decide how much you want to pay and what kind of shady practices you want to get […]

How an Unknown Writer Can Sell Over a Million Books

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Every author wants to sell a million books. It’s the best way to become successful. However, because of the sheer amount of authors that are out there in today’s marketplace, this becomes harder and harder – especially for an author […]