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Book reviewer

Book reviewers have an important role in the world of books. It’s not just authors who make a difference. Sometimes, reviewers have just as much power – if not a little more. Authors have the ability to tell a story and bring people into a different world. Book reviewers, however, have the ability to make or break an author based off their comments where other readers can find out what’s being said. Book reviewers needed throughout the different book sites allow authors to sell more books (or not).


What the Role of a Book Reviewer Is


Many book reviewers needed aren’t sure what their role is. As a result, they choose not to review a book after they have read a good (or bad) book. This makes it harder for writers to boost their ratings and sell more books because readers are being too silent. There are ways for book reviewers needed to feel more confident, and that’s by knowing what their role is.


A book review should not:


–           Provide advice, i.e., “If I were you…”


–           Make exaggerations, i.e., “this book is so great”


–           Provide false hope, i.e., “this is going to become a best-seller”


Instead, a book review should:


–           Talk about what was strong


–           Talk about weak areas in the book


–           Discuss the overall tone of the book


A book reviewer needed has to be able to understand the book. As a result, it’s better for a book reviewer needed to be interested in the same genre as what the author has written in. Without some background into a genre, a reviewer may be hesitant about speaking the truth because they aren’t comfortable. This won’t help the reviewer or the author.


What a Book Reviewer May Be Reading


A book reviewer may be reading a variety of different books. Just as a person eats different kinds of foods, it’s possible to read different kinds of books. A book reviewer needed should be willing to read in more than one genre. That said, if a reviewer doesn’t like graphic novels or horror novels, then they shouldn’t be forced to read such books.


There’s a fine line between reading for fun and reading because someone feels obligated to. When that line is crossed, the book reviewer needed is no longer going to enjoy his or herself and the review will suffer. The only person who suffers when a review suffers is the author. This can be prevented simply by spending more time finding more qualified readers who actually want to read and know how to leave a decent review.


Most writers don’t have time to find reviewers, let alone train them on how to leave a review. This is why more people are leaning to book matching services. Review My Book is a matching service that unites book reviewers needed with writers that have a book they need reviewed. The book reviewer likes the genre, the writer gets a qualified reviewer and everyone is happy – plus it’s simple.