How do I order the right package?

Think about what you need. To test the waters, order 1 review with the bronze package. If you are serious about success, order the silver or gold package. To catapult your book to the top, choose one of the campaigns. In general, the more exposure your book gets, the more success you will find. Obviously there are no guarantees. Success depends on the quality of your books. If you order a campaign and you realize that our reviewers really don’t like your book, you can always cancel the campaign.


How do I submit my book for review?

Once you choose the package that is right for you, will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to submit your book. You can choose from a few different ways to submit books to the reviewers based upon book availability.


How do I get my book reviewed?

The process is very simple. Once your book has been published, check out the packages that we offer. Select the best package for you, submit your book for review and watch the reviews come in. For more details, check out the “How it Works” section of the website.


How do you guarantee a specific number of reviews?

All of the packages at Review My Book are guaranteed to provide you with a certain number of reviews. We guarantee this by matching a book with more than the required number of reviewers. We do this because we know some reviewers are busy and won’t have time to read the book. In order to meet deadlines, we simply send out the book to more than the required number to avoid problems and give you a better product.


How are you different from other book review companies?

Unlike such companies as Foreword Reviews and Kirkus Indie, you’re not paying for reviews. Instead, you’re paying for a matchup service. This means you’re getting honest reviews from peers within the genre of your book. It also means you will pay less money to get reviews from us.


Do you guarantee the review will be positive?

No. What we guarantee are honest reviews. That means if the reviewer doesn’t like your book he or she will say so. We encourage our reviewers to be honest. Nobody wins if the reviews don’t accurately reflect the book.


How long does it take until I get my reviews?

In general it should take about 2-6 weeks. If you order one of the larger packages it may take a little longer. The campaigns will be spread out over the campaign period, in general 6 months to create the most buzz.


Will you post all of my reviews?

Yes and no. We will post all reviews that are a 4 star and higher automatically throughout a variety of top ranking sites. If it’s below 4 stars, you will be asked if we should do the posting. Also, you own the rights to the reviews, so you can post them throughout theinternetto help you with your marketing strategies as well.


Can I delete a review if I don’t like it?

4 and 5 star reviews will automatically be posted. The comments within the reviews of this stature will help you, even if you don’t like every word that is spoken. If you receive a review that is below 4 stars, you have the ability to choose whether it gets posted or not. We never censor what is being written by our reviewers, however, so you will not be able to edit or delete their comments.


Will the reviews be posted on the major sites?

We will post the review on the most important review sites and provide you with a tear sheet at the end. We also encourage our reviewers to post reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles, though it is up to the individual reviewer.


Will my reviewer understand the topic of my non-fiction book?

We try to match your book and topic to a reviewer that has indicated an interest in your topic. With over 20,000 reviewers we probably have someone for every topic imaginable, so you can be sure that the reader is familiar with the general theme of your book.


Will I get a better review if I buy a bigger package?

No. Reviews are the honest opinion of people like you and me. The only thing that will affect your rating is how well your book is written and how the reviewer liked it. We do not influence the reviewer in any way. We encourage the reviewer to be honest. Only honest reviews create value for you and help you grow as a writer.


My book is only an ebook – will that affect my review rating?

Absolutely not, the publishing format will not affect the rating. Reviews are honest opinions and the only thing that will affect your rating is whether the reviewer liked your book and if it was well written. We do not influence the reviewer to write a positive review, which creates more value to you.


My book is independently published. Can I still get a review?

Review My Book will review all types of published books. Whether your book is published from a traditional publisher, a self publisher or a vanity press, we will match your book with the reviewers. No matter how you got your book published, your goal is the same – sell more books. Reviews will help you achieve this goal.


My book is for a niche audience – do you have reviewers that understand my niche?

We cannot guarantee a reviewer for every niche but we do have over 20,000 reviewers. The likelihood of having a reviewer that is interested in your niche is high.


Do you have reviewers for all genres?

Review My Book covers almost every genre covered because of having over 20,000 reviewers. This means children’s books, young adult books, adult books, romance, crime, fiction, non-fiction and everything in between.


What about videos and audio books?

At this time, we do not offer reviews for videos or audio books. Check back periodically to see if this changes in the future.


Do you review books in foreign languages?

Yes, we do review books in foreign language. At this we have reviewers available in Germany, Spain and France, along with the United States. We are actively pursuing other languages so if you have a language you are interested in, please contact us directly.


Do I own the rights to the reviews?

Yes, you own all of the rights and can use them as you see fit. However, when re-publishing the review online please give credit to Review My Book. However, the reviewer owns all of the rights for any reviews he or she has posted.


I am planning to publish many titles or I work for a publishing company. Do you have discounts available?

Yes, we do offer discounts for larger clients. Please contact our sales team directly as every situation is unique.


The reviewer didn’t like my book – what do I do?

One bad review is not the end of the world. Understand that you received the honest opinion of an independent reviewer. Use it as advice to improve your book in the future. If a reviewer cannot rate a book with at least 4 stars, we ask the reviewer to hold off with posting the review until you have had a chance to see the review. It is then up to you to release the review. If you do not want to publish that review, it will never see the light of day.

If you receive a lot of bad reviews, we suggest you rethink your book. Our reviewers are representative of your audience. If our reviewers don’t like your book, chances are the general public won’t either. In this case we suggest you go back to the drawing board and re-edit your book based on the comments of the reviewers.


Will negative reviews automatically be posted?

No. If a reviewer cannot honestly give your book at least a 4 star rating, you will have a chance to keep the review private. We will send you the review for your consideration and it is up to you to decide if the review will be published or not.


Who are the reviewers?

The reviewers are everyday people that love reading and sharing their opinions. Teachers, students, moms, dads, – you will find people from all walks of life and all age groups in our reviewer pool. We even have kids and teens that will help with the reviews (in cooperation with local schools) for some of the children and young adult books that are sent in for reviews.


Do you offer free reviews?

All of the reviews are free as you are not paying for reviews. Maintaining and operating Review My Books costs money. We take great pride in the diligence and effort our team puts forward to find great, honest reviewers and match them with the books that fit to their profile. As you can imagine, this process is hard to automate and requires a lot of personal attention. In addition, we offer more than just the reviews depending on the package. For some of these services (press releases, web content, etc.) we hire professional writers which need to be compensated. Reviewers do not get paid for their work but other professionals and our staff do get paid.


Why aren’t reviewers paid?

Our goal is to create honest reviews. When reviewers are paid, it is too easy to “buy” a good review. Writers will only benefit if they are receiving honest reviews as it will help their own writing skills as well as their target audience.


Do you review children’s & picture books?

Yes we do. We work together with local schools to review children’s books and have quite some experience reviewing them. We can work with any age group from kindergarten up. However certain restrictions apply and any children’s book will first be verified by one of our editors to make sure there is no inappropriate content.


Do you guarantee the number of reviews I receive?

Yes, we will match your book with reviewers until we have the number of reviews you purchased. Not every reviewer will actually write a review. If that happens, we will find another reviewer until you have the ordered number of reviews.


Will you post my reviews on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles?

No, we will post the reviews on dozens of reviews sites, but we won’t post them on Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. However, we will encourage our reviewers to post their reviews and most will. Our reviewers are honest and reliable people that will gladly post their honest opinion about your book.

Keep in mind that our reviewers joined our community because they want to review your books and post their opinions. Chances are that they will be thrilled to post them on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

If I don’t like the reviews will you refund my money?

No. We cannot guarantee that our reviewers will like your book. And we will not refund any money to you. However if you purchased a campaign package, you can always cancel the unused portion of the campaign (subject to $50 cancellation fee).


Can I cancel my campaign at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your campaign at any time (subject to a cancellation fee of $50). We will refund the unused portion of your campaign to you.


Can I cancel my review packages?

Once we have matched your book with a reviewer, you cannot cancel your review packages. Typically we match a book with a reviewer within 24-48 hours. We suggest you contact support to find out more details as to whether it’s possible or not. Every situation is unique.


How do I become a reviewer?

First of all, thank you. People like you have helped our community grow. Please see our Reviewer portion of the website to get more details about the book reviewer jobs. If you still have questions, please contact us.


Do I get instructions on how to review a book?

We can provide you with instructions on what the reviews that you write should contain. While some personal opinion is okay, we also want you to talk about the style of the writing, whether it needed more editing and a variety of other things.


Do I have to pay for books that I review?

No, this is a bonus of becoming a reviewer. You will be given the e-book or be reimbursed for the book that you must buy. The more books you review, the more free reading material you get.


Some book reviewer jobs get paid – how come I don’t here?

There is a lot of debate in the literary world about the integrity of paying for reviews. To keep our writers honest and to ensure an honest review, we don’t pay reviewers for the reviews. We don’t want industry professionals, just average readers who can provide honest feedback.


I read a great book. Can I place the reviews elsewhere?

Absolutely. We encourage all of our book review writers to place the reviews in a variety of places to help writers. This includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in various other discussion and forum sites that you think would be advantageous to the writer. As a part of our community, you have the ability to help an author that you think deserves the spotlight.