Review My Book - How to get your book reviewedEvery author wants to sell a million books. It’s the best way to become successful. However, because of the sheer amount of authors that are out there in today’s marketplace, this becomes harder and harder – especially for an author that no one has ever heard of and who has no publishing contracts. There are success stories, however, and John Locke is one of them.

John Locke was able to sell a million books or more. He didn’t go through a traditional publisher that helped him. He didn’t have a fancy marketing team to help him. What he did have was the ability to get his book reviewed. The way that an unknown writer was able to sell so many books was because he understood the importance of a book review service. He sold the books he did because of having the book reviews in place.

Why Getting Your Book Reviewed is So Important

Getting your book reviewed and placed within a lot of the top book review sites will help other readers to learn about your book. Your book is going to get placed amongst millions of other books. You have to ensure yours can stand out. This will be done by having it reviewed. The reviews will show up, the reviewers will create buzz and the number of positive reviews will help your book to gain the visibility that it needs to be seen by book buyers. Review My Book helps you with this every step of the way.

No one wants to take the chance on an unknown writer. The days of being able to sell a book in a bookstore are over. Publishing contracts aren’t handed out to just anyone. Many publishers won’t even talk to a writer. They’ll talk to an agent. But in order to get an agent, you have to prove that you’re not just any writer. You have to prove that you’re capable of success – which means writing more than one book and gaining a readership.

It’s hard to just place a “book reviewer wanted” ad in the paper. You need to get serious about getting reviews for your book because it will tell others about your book and your ability to write a convincing story. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you have to attract the reader and make them want to keep reading. If they put your book down, they may never pick it back up.

Not all writers are able to do this. Not all writers are formally trained on the mechanics of how to write a good book. Some writers don’t even know how to use spell check on their computers. This is why a review is so important. Readers don’t want to be disappointed. An avid reader will go through a title or more a week. They don’t want to waste their time with books that are poorly written or not compelling.

What We Can Learn From John Locke and a Book Review Service

John Locke discovered the importance of a good book review very early on. How he got the reviews has been a very sore subject within the industry. He used fake reviews to catapult his book to thebestsellerlists. He created false names and actually had conversations with himself inside of the various book forums. While fake reviews has not earned him any respect in the industry, the premise is still the same – he used a book review service to get him a lot of the reviews that allowed him to get noticed by readers everywhere.

Nowadays, it’s dangerous to use false accounts and fake reviews. Not only can it get a person blacklisted on Google and other sites – it’s–not fair to the readers. Those writers who use false reviews are usually found out and can be cast out by readers and by review sites. It’s not a good idea to get false reviews – whether they are made up or purchased on some of those other book reviewer sites.

What we can learn from John Locke is that getting a lot of reviews does work. If it weren’t for him getting so many reviews, his book would have been listed amongst all the other books that didn’t have reviews. One or two reviews won’t launch a career. You need hundreds of well-placed reviews all across the Internet.

Review My Book is a book review service that provides writers with honest reviews from real reviewers. Reviewers don’t get paid, which maintains the integrity of the review. This will help launch a book to new heights because with reviews comes book sales. Prove to readers that the book is worth reading by showing them others who have already read the book. As more people purchase the book, more reviews will be left. Pretty soon, it will create enough buzz to reach all goals.