Review My Book - Getting Your Book Reviewed“How do I get my book reviewed?” It’s the question you’ve probably asked yourself and your peers over and over again since you published your book. This is one of the biggest hurdles for new writers simply because you need independent book reviews for people to buy your book but you need people to buy your book in order to get reviews.


Getting a book reviewed is a lot easier than you may think. You don’t have to spend money buying reviews. This practice is taboo and is likely not going to get you anywhere in the long run. Instead, offers to match your book with readers to help you get the reviews that you need. There are over 20,000 registered reviewers. Real people, just like you, are out there who love to read. We match you with them so that you get your book reviewed.


Professional review sites are not always the best.

The reason for this is because professional readers don’t necessarily read within your genre. This means that they aren’t going to be the best judge of character with your book.


There is no guarantee of a positive or a negative review when you have peers read your book. They may tell you what you want to hear and they may not – one thing is for certain – your book will benefit from the reviews. No one wants to spend money without knowing about the quality of the book. You have to give the readers what they want – trusted reviews from their peers.


With more reviews come more book sales. Book review services are all over theinternet. However, many of them aren’t providing you with quality reviews. This is because of one of two reasons. One, no one is actually reading your book; they’re telling you what you want to hear. Two, you’re paying for a review by someone who doesn’t read in the style that you write. Neither of these is going to provide you with what you want.


You Need A Book Review That Is Honest.

You need a review that is from a reviewer who reads within your genre. And you need a review that you’re not paying for. How to get book reviews for your book that meets these needs is easy.


At Review My Book, the book critics aren’t getting paid. They’re average people who have agreed to read a book that is within the genre they’re interested in. They will provide a review that details what another consumer can expect when reading the book. The book that you write is matched with the reviewers who don’t have a negative bias based on the topic you’ve written about – fiction or not fiction.


The fees that you pay are for the book matching – not for the review itself. This ensures you’re not in the group of authors who have been found paying for reviews. This can affect your authority within the literary field and cause readers to turn against you.


Getting a book reviewed is a great opportunity to find out what the general public thinks about your book. If the reviewers don’t like your book, it’s likely not going to do well in Amazon, Barnes & Noble or anywhere else that you’re trying to sell. This may mean you want to go back to the drawing board to make some changes before you push on with your book in its current state.


How to get your book reviewed has never been easier. You’ve written the book and gotten it published. Now it’s time you take the next step and start marketing.  When you get the book reviewers needed, you get the sales needed. Review My Book is here to help.


So now you have to be wondering…how do I get started?


At Review My Book, joining a community of readers and writers has never been easier. We work with real people who have a real love of reading books. As a writer, this helps you to connect with your target audience to solicit better reviews that will help you sell more books.


We offer a wide number of packages and campaigns based upon your individual goals. Once you buy one package and see how well it works for you, we’re convinced you’ll come back over and over again because of what we provide and how we provide it to you.


Don’t let the other book review companies fool you. You don’t have to spend $500 to get a single book review. Not only is that extremely expensive but it’s not really going to help you. You need reviews from real people who are actually interested in the type of book that you’ve written.


When you’re ready to get started, check out our packages and find out what you need to do to get your futurebestsellerreviewed by our pool of reviewers.


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