Review My Book is an easy process. How to get my book reviewed has never been easier. The moment your book has been published and it’s on the shelves or ready for download, you can begin to get book reviews.


Here’s what you will need to do:


Choose a package. You can determine how many reviews you need based upon your initial goals. If you want to launch a full marketing campaign that includes social media actions, you can choose to do that as well.


Fill in the book submission form. This will list all the details of your book and your book’s genre. This is vital for us to match your book with the right reviewers. If you fill out anything incorrectly here, it could affect your ability to get the best possible reviews from our online book reviewers.


Decide how you will provide the book to the online book reviewers. You can choose to provide a copy of the book, a download code or have the reviewer purchase the book. If the reviewer must purchase the book, you will be responsible for reimbursement costs.


Review My Book will then automatically match the book with reviewers who are best suited for the subject of your book and who have shown an interest in reviewing books within your genre. We will match your book with more reviewers than what you pay for to ensure that you get the total number of reviews that you pay for. We do this to meet deadlines as not all reviewers will decide to read your title.


2-6 weeks upon receiving the book, you will begin receiving the independent book reviews. If your review is positive (4 or 5 stars), it will automatically be posted on all the main sites. If your review is negative (anything below 4 stars), you will be notified and can decide whether or not we should post your review.


Top book reviewers will take your review one step further. They may go ahead and post the review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well. Some may even have discussions about your book on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. This is above and beyond expectations of publishing book reviews but it does happen often and can help you with the marketing of your book.


Should you have any questions about the process, please see the FAQ of Review My Book and then contact us if you still have questions.

Single Book Review – Bronze Package
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20 Book Reviews – Stand Out From The Crowd
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50 Book Reviews – Climb To The Top Of The BestsellerlLists
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