“Review my book” becomes the mantra of nearly every up and coming author when they are trying to get press for their hard work. Getting a review from a top book review professional can be a difficult task for any new author; and for those who have chosen a small press or the art of self publication to introduce their words to the world, it can be an even harder goal to meet. When the process becomes stressful, it helps to take a step back and remember what it takes to become a successful author.

Taking The Fate Of Your Book Into Your Own Hands

A writer can only say “review my book” so many times before they begin to feel disheartened. That’s why it is important to take matters into your own hands and find a service that will provide honest reviews of your book; and deliver these reviews to you quickly.

Here’s what honest reviews will do for you:

• Provide you with honest feedback that can be used in all aspects of future writing.
• Give readers an outline of your book, so they can know what to look forward to within your story.
• Inform them of the great plot. This makes the book a “must read!”
• Mention parts that the reviewer wasn’t fond of, such as a slow point in the story line. With the good points giving readers a reason to keep reading, rather than putting it down, honest reviews (even those that have a few plot-pick-aparts) are much more helpful than a positive review created by someone who didn’t read the book in the first place.
• Provide you with a blurb for your website, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, if applicable.
• Give your book a head start towards receiving the recognition it deserves.

Never Compromise Art For Publicity

When selecting a service for book reviews, always go with the reputable services of Review My Book. Fake reviews can lead to some negative press, hurting book sales more than they help them. Honest reviews will give a peek into the book for readers who will appreciate it for the piece of art it is.

Review My Book.net Reviews All Types of Books

Review My BookIf an author is willing to pay a fee for an honest review, reviewmybook.net has reviewers eagerly waiting to read the next great best-seller. No matter the genre, the site has readers that are interested to read it, and they are ready to give honest, helpful reviews that will assist the book in becoming a hit.

There are three different packages to choose from at review my book: bronze, silver, and gold. Depending on the review needs and the budget of the author, there is a package that can get the job done, providing honest reviews within 2-6 weeks of submission.

As long as a writer is willing to take the fate of their book into their own hands, and never compromise the art of their project in the name of good reviews, Review My Book can make their book review dreams a reality.