Do you love reading books? You’re in luck! We have an array of different books covering every topic you can imagine – from cooking to fantasy and everything in between. New writers are signing up with us all the time to have their books reviewed – and we’re looking for reviewers.


When you sign up as a reviewer, we ask that you read the book from cover to cover. Then, we want you to write a review on the book. Let the author know what you thought of it – and go into detail. Don’t hold back on your opinions – you may love it or you may hate it.


Our authors are looking for honest feedback on their books – not a review that they had to pay for to hear it was great. This gives them the opportunity to learn from some of their mistakes. If it doesn’t review well, they know it will never make it on the market. So essentially, this is your opportunity to ensure that good books are making it out into the marketplace.


We provide a very critical service to writers. They are able to have their book reviewed by someone who is generally interested in the topic. This is why we ask that you tell us what kind of books you like to read. If you don’t like a particular book, then we aren’t going to send you a book in that category to review – it’s that simple.

There are a lot of benefits to being a book reviewer. Check out some of the reasons why you should sign up as a book here. Once you get started as a book reviewer, you will wonder what you ever did without us supplying you with all of your reading material!


Being a book reviewer is easy and a lot of fun. The next book you get from us could be the next New York Times bestseller!