Review My Book - Hot To Get Your Book ReviewedEvery new writer in the marketplace wants to get reviews. It’s hard to put a title out on Amazon and simply expect readers to flock to the title. This isn’t going to happen for a few reasons. One, the writer doesn’t have a following. Two, there are little to no reviews about it, which will make the average reader apprehensive because he or she doesn’t want to waste money on a book that isn’t well-written and compelling.

There are a few basic rules to getting useful reviews:

  1. Never pay for a review
  2. Get a review from a real person, not a professional reviewer
  3. Listen to the honesty of the review

These three rules are followed by Review My Book to ensure you get the quality book reviews you need to entice more readers to pick up your book and read it. If you ignore any of the rules, you may not get as many readers as you need to reach all of your goals.

What Useful Professional Book Reviews Contain

Useful professional book reviews should give a variety of details about the book to the potential reader/buyer. This includes discussing the genre so that there are no questions about who the book’s audience is geared toward. Many times what the author determines to be their target audience is not always agreed upon by the book reviewers. This is one of the reasons that a book review is so important.

Next, the content should be discussed. Is the dialog believable? Is the story cohesive? Many times there are discussions about the writer’s ability to craft a compelling story that is easy to follow. If the story jumps too many times, the review will show this. If the dialog doesn’t sound true to life, the review will discuss this.

Book reviews should also talk about how well the story was written. This has a lot to do with whether a writer decided to hire a professional editing service or if they even bothered to hit spell check before submitting the book for publication. Some of the new writers are publishing material that needs to spend more time being edited. Reviews therefore need to discuss if the word choices were good, if there were typos and if the flow of material was good.

All of this content makes for a good and “useful” book review. Reviews that simply say “this book was great” or “I hated this book” are matters of opinion and not very useful to the average reader. Everyone has their own opinion of whether a book is good or not. A review needs to be helpful in order to tell an author what he or she needs to do differently as well as whether readers should buy the book based upon what they are looking for in a title.

How to Get Book Reviews for Your Book

Getting useful reviews is harder than it may seem. When you’re asking how to get my book reviewed, you want to make sure you are in pursuit of useful reviews. Friends and family may be able to write reviews for you, but are they going to be useful? This is the question you have to ask yourself.

Your book will sell better because it is being reviewed. When there is more information out there to help a reader decide if he or she is going to buy your book, you will sell more titles. Quantity of reviews will not sell your book – quality of reviews will. Therefore it’s not going to help you to buy reviews from people who will simply leave a 5-star review with five or six words telling people that they loved the book.

Finding readers who are interested in your book for the genre and the topic will be the best way to get good, honest and useful reviews for your book. Plenty of readers are out there looking for new material. All you need to do is find those readers and get your book into their hands. Review My Book offers a book placing service to help you do exactly that.

You won’t be paying for reviews – you’ll be paying to have your book matched with the right reviewers. This ensures better overall results – and more useful feedback about your book.