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How to get a book review is easy. There are plenty of book review services out there. All you have to do is decide how much you want to pay and what kind of shady practices you want to get yourself involved in. There are plenty of authors who have purchased reviews and gained success. However, these successes are usually short lived – and that’s if they work at all.

When you get your book reviewed, you want to do so honestly. Readers will appreciate a well-written review by their peers, which is what Review My Book is all about. Don’t assume that your readers won’t know the difference between a professional reviewer and a real reader – they know the difference better than most other people. An honest review by someone who is genuinely interested in the genre of your book will go a long way with your target audience.
Fake Book Review ServicesSure, some writers have gained success with fake reviews. John Locke is probably the biggest success story. However, since his practices have reached the light of day, many in the industry have forsaken him. He is on the “outs” of the writing communities because of his practices. When you sell a book and become abestseller, you want to know that you did it because of your ability to write a good book and market it honestly – not because you bought your way to the top.

Fake book review services are all over the Internet. You can spend $300, $400 and even more for a single review written by a highly paid specialist. This is a lot of money to spend on a single review and it’s not going to have the effect that you
The problem with these fake book reviews is simple. They are written by professional book reviewers. These are people who will read anything they are paid to read – fiction, nonfiction, children’s stories, whatever. They have no connection to the intended audience of the book and therefore don’t read with the same passion as a real reader.hoped it would. Foreword Review and Kirkus Indie have made a lot of money selling their paid reviews to writers over and over again.

A professional book reviewer isn’t going to get emotionally involved with vampires and werewolves, presidents who went rogue and damsels in distress. By getting a review from one of these professional book reviewers, you aren’t gaining anything. You’re only getting a review of the book itself in terms of the mechanics – not the story. Your audience doesn’t care about all of the dots on the i’s and the crosses on the t’s – they care about the story.

Another danger about using fake reviews is that many sites are getting sophisticated to help eliminate the fake reviews. Google has been launching site analytics for a long time to help get rid of the false claims, the paid reviews and the general bad business principles that many people engage in. They have blacklisted a number of websites found to be using these shady principles. The moment Amazon decides to do the same thing, many writers are going to be in trouble.

Honest Book Review Services

Get your book reviewed by an honest book review service and it will be a lot easier to sell your books. You won’t ever have to worry about a book being blacklisted from a website because you didn’t get into any shady practices. When your book reaches the bestseller list, you know that you did it of your ownaccord, not because you bought your way to the top.

Review My Book is an honest way to get your book reviewed. How to get a book review has never been easier because it is a book matching service. Your book is matched with a database of over 20,000 reviewers to find people who are genuinely interested in the type of book that you have written. This ensures that every review is honest and engaging.

Gaining readers will be much easier with well-written, honest reviews from real people. Don’t let fake reviews tarnish your name and give you a bad reputation in the literary industry. If you can sell books on your own within the industry, you can gain much more success. You may be surprised to find that you make all sorts of connections within the industry by gaining real reviews.