Review My Book - Getting reviews for my book

New writers have the hardest time in the marketplace because they don’t have the fan following that the best-selling authors do. They have to start from scratch in order to create buzz about their book. Whether a writer decides to independently publish or goes through a traditional publisher, the main focus is the same – the writer is in control of the majority of marketing.

The truth of the matter is reviews sell books. No one is going to spend money on an author that they have never heard of and know nothing about. Independent and self-publishing has allowed many new writers to enter the scene but the problem is that it allows too many new writers to enter the scene. Some writers have yet to develop their craft. As a result, many of the books out there are less than stellar when it comes to reading.

Any avid reader is a critic in their own right. They know what they like and they know what they don’t like. They can review a book better than the average book reviewer because they are emotionally involved in the genre and they are thus engaged within the story plot. They don’t like to read books that have poor dialogue, poor structure or God forbid, typos.

Unfortunately, many of the books out there are victims of all three of these. The writers aren’t bothering to edit their work. Many of them have never taken a writing course in their lives. They simply have a story they want to tell and will do so regardless of whether they have the talent or not. Then they will have it published without spending the money on professional editing services.

Because there are more and more books like this in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the various other databases for e-books and print books, readers don’t like taking the chance with new writers unless there are reviews attached to them. Reading the reviews is the best way for a reader to find out what they can expect in terms of quality. If the reviews are positive enough, then the money will be spent on the title.

Reviews for books are just as important as reviews for anything else. It is the way to get a seal of approval from the general public. A lot of people won’t go to a new restaurant without reading a few reviews first. The principle behind it is the same – no one wants to spend good money to be disappointed.

The Need to Get Book Reviews

Especially in today’s economy, people don’t openly spend their money as easily as they once did. The need to get book reviews is imperative to today’s new writers. It shouldn’t cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. Further, it should be done by average readers within the designated genre, not industry professionals who will review anything and everything.

When there are book reviews, it will be easier for readers to see that people have already spent the money on the title. Whether it’s a 1-star review or a 5-star review, the reviews matter. It is not always in how many stars – it’s what’s being said about the book. The reviews should tell the basics but let ever reader decide for him or herself whether they are going to buy the title.

Getting Your Book Reviewed

Getting your book reviewed the honest way is getting easier. Review My book offers a matching service to match new writers with readers that are genuinely interested in reading the style book that has been written and providing honest feedback. This ensures that you get enticing reviews that detail how enjoyable your book was to read. This kind of feedback is going to pique the interest of readers around the world and ensure that you sell more titles than if you had no titles at all.

Writers who have more feedback on their work go on to be more successful writers and sell more books in the marketplace. It’s important never to pay for reviews. When you pay for reviews, you can never truly measure your success because you’ve paid for the opinions you’ve received. When you gain success, you want to do so of your ownaccord.